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  1. You all seem like very knowledgeable people when it comes to PC tools etc., so I would like your opinion on the following:


    I currently have System Mechanic 6 and I would like to know if there is much difference with System Mechanic 8 (i.e. Is it worth spending the $19.95 to update)?


    Again, thank you all for your time!

  2. Please excuse my ignorance regarding these matters, but, would backing up the registry with something like System Mechanic (6. 7 or 8) not be equally as good as backing up with Erunt. Also...if you made a point of creating a system restore point (with built in XP, Vista function), would that not also serve as a good registry backup?


    Thank you for your time.

  3. Thank you all for your help. I decided not to go with Registry Mechanic as an extra registry cleaner. I downloaded Eusing Free Registry Cleaner which came highly recommended on another forum and it seems very good to use combined with using CCleaner.


    Any comments regarding Eusing Free Registry Cleaner?


    Thank you for your time.

  4. I use CCleaner and find it to be very good. Recently I was curious about Registry Mechanic (from PC Tools) and decided to download it on a trial basis. After cleaning my registry with CCleaner, I scanned my registry with Registry Mechanic and it found 376 additional erros. That seems like a lot to me. So my question is...is Registry Mechanic way too sensitive to issues (i.e. the issues it found are very irrevelant and do not need to be addressed) -- OR -- is CCleaner simply not sensitive enough to registry issues that need to be addressed?


    NOTE...this is certainly not meant to be a frown upon CCleaner, because like I said, I really like the program and I think Piriform makes great products. I just want to know your opinion because 376 additional registry problems naturally worries me.


    Any imformation is greatly appreciated.

  5. First...just wanted to say that I very recently downloaded CCleaner and I love it...a job well done!!!


    Firefox and Opera is listed within the Cleaner>Applications menu, is there anyway to eliminate these two browsers from the menu? If not, would it be possible to include this option in a future version? If it's possible, then I suggest that it would be helpful in order to eliminate a menu item that is not installed on your PC.


    I use IE and Avant browsers, is there someway to include Avant in the Cleaner>Applications menu?


    Thank you again for a great product!

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