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  1. Do you have a Vista disc? If so, you can boot from the CD. Or, try reading this if the above doesn't solve the problem. Also, I read in other places that EasyBCD has an option to repair the bootloader.
  2. Mainly I pronounce it "C Cleaner". However, One of my friends says "CC Cleaner" and I say "CC Cleaner" when I am talking to him, but sometimes "C Cleaner" slips out.
  3. CCleaner has an option to securely erase temporary and to wipe free space on a hard drive. Alternatively, you can use a program called Eraser to erase free space on your hard drive and to securely erase files. You can also download Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to securely erase your entire hard drive. If you use DBAN, though, you will have to reinstall Windows or another operating system on it as this will erase everything on your hard drive. Also, CCleaner is free to use, but you can donate. Eraser and DBAN are also free to use.
  4. BetterPrivacy - Can delete Flash Cookies Clear Private Data + - Puts "Clear Private Data" in right-click menu and an optional toolbar icon ColorZilla - Eyedropper in the browser Flashblock - Stops flash loading and replaces it with a button to click on GameFOX - Enhances browsing of GameFAQs boards Greasemonkey - User Script Manager LastPass - Password Manager Link Alert - Displays icon next to cursor to tell you link's target Linkification - Changes text URLs into clickable links Nightly Tester Tools - "Useful tools for the nightly tester" PopupMaster - Displays pop-up icon in status bar always Read It Later (RIL) - Put pages to be read later into a list so you don't clutter bookmarks Remove Cookies for Site - Removes cookies on the site you're browsing via right-click or optional toolbar icon Stop Autoplay - Stops autoplay of embedded music and video Xmarks - Sync bookmarks against other Firefox profiles and computers with Firefox installed.
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