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  1. Billjf,


    This is not a bug. Unticking various Office boxes won't help. Only unticking the ""Office XP"" box will save those settings. CC uses an embedded script that tells CC where various info can be found and what can be wiped. And in a number of cases CC simply wipes too much. But you can finetune the CC wiping process in such a way that it doesn't wipe those settings anymore.


    A. Click ""Options"", ""Exclude"". There you can tell CC which entries from the registry must be excluded from wiping. Add all the lines in the attachment to the registry exclude feature. Run CC with the option ""Custom Folders"", in the main screen of CC, ticked. If all is OK then CC won't wipe any setting of Office XP anymore.


    B. Now remove step by step one line at a time from the ""Exclude"" section (as programmed under (A ) and run CC again every time after removing one line. That's how you'll find out which line causes the settings of Office XP to be wiped. There could be more than one line that wipes settings that you want to keep. A matter of trial and error.

  2. Weird ! It seems we're using two different versions of CC v2.32. wink.gif


    1. Did you install Recuva as well ? Because in another thread someone un-installed Recuva and according to him, his problem with CC disappeared.

    2. Perhaps unticking a number or boxes will to resolve the issue ? I have only a very few boxes permanently ticked and ""Include"" does work without any problem.


    Frankly, I have ran out of suggestions.

  3. CC automatically detects whether the user has installed a number of programs and Windows Live Messenger is one of them. Then a box called ""Windows Live Messenger"" shows up in the ""Application"" pane of CC. If ticking that box makes CC to wipe settings of Windows Live and could include the login settings then untick that particular box.


    If you have more experience with CC then you can finetune the wiping of settings of Windows Live with the Winapp2.ini feature.

  4. 1. IE8 remembers which websites the user has visited to be able to open the latest website(s) again when the browser has to be restarted e.g. after a power outage. If you really want to get rid of that info then add (in Windows XP) ""C:\Documents and Settings\-user-\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\"" to the list of folders to be wiped. Then IE8 starts the next time with the homepage(s) only.


    2. it seems you know in folder(s)/file(s) that ID info is stored. Add them to the list to be wiped by CC.

  5. I ran some tests as well. But it's my experience that CC always takes the lastest wipe option from the ""Include"" section into account. Even when the user changes the wipe option between ""Analyze"" and ""Run Cleaner"".


    That's why I think, it's important that the ""Include"" section should be improved, as I have described in another thread. The user should be able to see which wipe option has been selected for each line.


    You're not the first who's complaining about this particular ""issue"".

  6. Did you click on ""OK"" after changing the wipe option in that menu ?


    I took a look at what CC stores in ""Ccleaner.ini"" in three cases:

    -- ""Include files only"":


    -- ""Include files and subfolders"":


    -- ""Include files, subfolders and the folder itself"":



    CC doesn't give the user information which wipe option the user has selected for each line. And that's an additional reason for confusion. That's precisely the reason for my latest post in the thread below.


  7. Here's another suggestion to improve the ""Include"" section. This is another way of eliminating the existing confusion in this section. See also my suggestions above. CC v2.32 lists in this section which additional, user defined folders/files, are to be wiped. But CC doesn't indicate whether a line will wipe the folder itself or files in any subfolder.


    I think that in the next version of CC the Piriform folks could add one or two columns in the window in front of each user defined line.

    1. one column in which e.g. the character "S" appears when an entry/line will be applied to any subfolder as well.

    2. a second column in which a special symbol (e.g. ""X"") shows up when a folder itself, as mentioned in the list, will be wiped too.

    Perhaps one extra column would suffice. Then it could display that ""X"" or ""S"" in the appropriate situation.


    Another suggestion is to move the ""Add"", ""Edit"" and ""Remove"" buttons from the right hand side to the bottom of the section screen. It would provide CC more space to display the lines and the two columns, as described above under (1 and (2.

  8. Don't worry. The folder will be re-created at the next 2nd tuesday of the month when the Microsoft Autoupdate feature will be activated again and your windows system is updated. Of course, if it's keeping you awake at night then you can manually create that folder as well.


    I tried the ""Include"" feature but it did precisely what it was supposed to do. If you want to know which file wipe option was selected then do the following:

    1. Select a line.

    2. Click on ""edit"".

    3. At the bottom of the menu you'll see which option you did select (""Include files only"", ""Include files, subfolders"" or ""Including files, subfolders and the folder itself"").

  9. If you know where PP and Outlook related info (settings/filenames) is ""hiding"" then you certainly could modify/add more ""Regkey=......"" and/or ""Filekey=...."" lines to specificly target PP and/or Outlook related info. But then you'll have to use a registry editor and search the registry but that's something for more advanced Windows users only.


    Another suggestion: You don't have to delete that key, I was told today that placing a ";" in front of a line makes CC ignore that line.



  10. Some suggestions:

    1. Find out where BD stores its files on your disk and use the CC ""Exclude"" feature (""Option"", ""Exclude"") to exclude those folders/files from wiping.

    2. When CC suggests that there're are one or more obsolete registry entries then that does not automatically mean that you must remove them. If you're uncertain whether removing a registry entry will crash the BD software then don't remove it.

    3. Don't tick all the boxes or any boxes in the registry section.

    4. Untick all the boxes in the ""Registry"" section and then by ticking one box at a time, try to find out which registry entries can be removed without crashing BD. Simply a matter of trial and error.

  11. If there's a file in the application folder where CC is installed, called ""Winapp2.ini"" then you must add info to it. If it doesn't exist then create a new file. Use a simple text editor, e.g. Notepad. Just copy the info from the attachment to that file. Change ""[Office 2003]"" to e.g. ""[*Office 2003 MRG7]"" (to distinguish it from the regular Office 2003 entry).

    Now you must find out which one of the lines, as mentioned above in my previous post, is causing your settings to be wiped. Omit one or more of these ""RegKey...=...."" lines. It's a matter of trial and error. See also post #8.

  12. When CC can't ""translate"" text strings at all then it seems all *.dll fies are ""overlooked"" by CC. Because the english version is in CC itself.


    It seems CC v2.32 can't properly install itself on a Vista Ultimate 32 bit computer. A lot of other users of this Windows version could have experienced the same problems but they are quite capable/content using the english version. So, they didn't notice that changing the laguage causes problems.


    Can users with Vista Ultimate 32 bit installed and who read this post tell us whether, on their computer, CC v2.32 has problems finding the appropriate language file when they change the language ?

  13. I think I have found the solution for this problem. There's a small but important difference between CC v2.27 and higher versions. The following lines are the original ones from v2.27.


    [Office 2003]


    Regkey3=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\PowerPoint\Recent File List

    Regkey4=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Publisher\Recent File List

    Regkey5=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\InfoPath\Recent File List



    In versions v2.28 and higher the bold letters k were changed to K and that could be the reason why CC started wiping in those versions as described by MRG7 in this thread. So, anyone who doesn't want these settings to be wiped should write his/her own Winapp2.ini entry without one or more of these three lines. (See also post#8 by Nergal).

  14. It looks like CC makes an error while unpacking/installing files in that particular Operating System. It looks like two pointers are mixed up/are wrong and then both the norwegian and the swedish language file get corrupted.


    Does the same problem occur on your friends' computer with the norwegian file in that same O.S., as well ?


    The files in the attachment are the language files from CC v2.32 from my (dutch) computer (Windows XP). These are the most recent language files for swedish and norwegian.


    The list with languages to be selected (""Options"", ""Settings"") can be improved. Below the improvements.

    1. ""Danish"" => ""Dansk (Danish)"".

    2. ""Norwegian"" => ""Norsk (Norwegian)"".

  15. Changing the language (CC v2.32) from dutch to swedish/norwegian and back does work on my computer (Windows XP) without any problems.


    Some suggestions:

    1. Are both CC programs of the same version ? (e.g. v2.32)

    2. The application folder where CC is installed should have a sub-folder called "Lang" Check out if there's a file called "lang-1053.dll" (swedish version) or "lang-1044.dll" (norwegian version) in that particular folder. If CC can't find the appropriate language file then it will use the embedded english text instead.

    3. If it works with CC v2.32 on one computer then copy that "*.dll" file to the other computer.

    4. Download CC again. It could have gotten damaged while downloading.

  16. El Pusher,


    In CC there're A LOT OF possibilities to finetune the wiping:

    1. Add info to ""winapp2.ini"". You can also add e.g. "".....|*.lnk"" or "".....|*.ico"" wich would specificly target those types of files.

    2. Add info to the ""Include"" and/or ""Exclude"" feature(s) (""Options"" in the CC main screen) in CC to include/exclude specific files.


    And it's up to you to use one of these features.

  17. Nergal,


    The line ""FileKey1=%appdata%\Microsoft\Office\Recent|*.*"" specificly targets that folder called ""....\Recent"". So, e.g. the folder "".....\Reciente"" (spanish version) or ""......\Zuletzt verwendet"" (german version) won't be wiped at all.


    On the other hand, when the user uses the CC ""Recent documents"" option, then one special system folder is wiped, independently of the language version of Windows. E.g. in the dutch Windows version on my computer that special system folder is called ""Onlangs geopend"" but nonetheless that folder is wiped by the CC option ""Recent documents"".


    El Pusher,


    That folder "".......\reciente"" is not wiped because it's not targeted. (See my response to Nergal, above). If you want that folder to be wiped then modify the Office 2007 info (post #4) and add it to ""Winapp2.ini"".

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