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  1. Defraggler currently allows you to specify file types that should be pushed to the back of the hard drive. What I would also like to see is the option to push the contains of specific directories to the back of the hard drive. For example, I archive 'everything' I download on the web, from the latest Defraggler updates to the NVIDIA drivers, and usually I only use these things once, this goes along with a lot of other junk and scrap files that I do not delete simply because I have so much space. I believe in the usual use/fragmentation and defragmentation processes these small yet ple
  2. Sturmeh


    Just in case you missed something, Defraggler is kind of free. They aren't here to sell you their product. You benefit from defraging the files and folders you use FREQUENTLY, as opposed to defragging your drive once a 'change of season'. ( or decade, for some ) The result is the benifit of having your most frequently used files accessible faster, not only after your full disc defrag, but always. You could always suggest a better description once you researched it for yourself?
  3. Right click the list, Check All, and click Defrag Checked.
  4. This my assumptions based off logic and experience, please correct me where I am incorrect... Defrag Drive (files and free space) Defrags files then free space. ( Not sure about this order. ) See below for more info about each. Defrag Drive (files only) This is the option for a quick defrag, it takes the files that have most recently been written or moved on your partition, and place them in contingent slots of free space. This is useful for a Gamer or Average user who installs and uninstalls select applications often, this will arrange newly installed program files and game files
  5. Initially the new design pissed me off immensely. Because it's different. ( Most people are like that. ) The "Defrag" button needs to say "FULL DEFRAG" and the file list needs its own defrag button. also it would be nice to have a button for this macro: 1. Analyse selected drive. 2. Select all files on analysis. 3. Defrag checked. This could be called QUICK DEFRAG in contrast with FULL DEFRAG. You need to use it differently now, select all then right click and "Defrag checked." 2. <-- Apparently now "DEFRAG" does a FULL defrag, and not just defraging of fra
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