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  1. Title says it all: Clicking on Help -> Drive map legend, causes defraggler to crash Known issue?
  2. The difference I would presume is one would defrag the whole drive and the other would defrag individual files -> I know just stating the obvious, but didn't quite understand the question either. As for the examples you have quotes, both would do the same since drives are special cases. Instead, if you used something like df c:\windows -> This would defrag the files under this folder alone df c:\windows /s -> This would defrag files and folders under the directory recursively
  3. Take a look at this screen shot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31695551@N03/2966101635/ Free space is 59,xxx,xxx,xxx bytes -> 55.5 GB Used space is 8,9xx,xxx,xxx bytes -> 8.9 GB It just doesn't seem to add up or I am missing something really obvious. Btw, great product.
  4. >df -help Usage: df [-hkPt] [-timeout timeout] [file_system ...] [file ...] Simple way to use would be to put it up as df c: CCleaner is simpler, <path to CCleaner>\CCleaner.exe /auto e.g. c:\progra~1\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /auto
  5. Language code for EN-US is 1033. I guess that's what it would be.
  6. Command line defrag already exists: under the program folder, type df c:\ Scheduling it to do the job on reboot, yes that would be a nice addition.
  7. Thanks, I realized it just after I posted. But I think the earlier design with a common analyze/defrag button was a little more intuitive to use.
  8. In the earlier release, it was simple to select the checkboxes against individual files which I want to defrag. Now with the new tabbed UI, I cant see to do that. If I select the list there and come back to the first tab and click defrag, it appears to be defragging the whole drive and not just the selected ones. Can we have the feature back. Outside of that, I love the product. Much better than the windows defrag utility. My system startup dropped by about a minute after I defragged with defraggler. Thanks for providing another great lightweight utility.
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