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  1. Yes, normal delete checked. Firefox cache and profiles seem to slow it down and only in the last month. Someone changed something!
  2. I have used CCleaner for years and like it very much. However lately it has become extremely slow when cleaning Firefox cache and profiles, taking as long as 300 seconds to complete a clean. What is being done or what can be done to remedy this? I have only had this problem the last month or so. I have already been trying another cleaner on my desktop because of this problem.
  3. Finally found that the settings are stored as a cookie in FireFox. Seems like a stupid place! Select to keep the cookie that is merely a series of numbers and letters.
  4. So far I have not been able to find where those settings are stored.
  5. I use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks across my 3 PCs. Since the last Firefox update (56.0.2) I had to install Xmarks differently - no longer a plugin. Now when I run Ccleaner I lose my Xmarks settings. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
  6. Big Suggestion: Stop trying to force Google Chrome on your users! At least give me an opportunity to uncheck it in the CCleaner downloads installs. I will not use Chrome. They spy almost as much as MS.
  7. How can I stop CCleaner from installing Chrome?
  8. I know I use the free version of CCleaner and have no right to complain, but I will anyway. I do not appreciate when updates add stuff I do not want. I find Google Chrome gleaning too much info from me and have stopped using it! There used to be a manual install process where one could deselect settings when updating CCleaner.
  9. I ran CCleaner and discovered I removed some things I didn't want to. I tried to find the backup file and could not find it. I ran a search for .REG and came up with nothing that fits. Where did it go?
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