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  1. mycky

    IE 7 and clashes

    is not a problem was just commenting the BT total broadband hub is a combined modem and router given away to BT customers when they take broadband from British Telecom over here in the good old UK
  2. microsofts latest release the much vaunted IE 7 with all its "improvements" will not work correctly with the BT total broadband hub which i have been assured by BT the fault lies with microsoft
  3. mycky

    need help pls

    not trying to update anything but after running ccleaner it was the quickest way to access ccleaner home page. yes it is in blue at the bottom of the page yes windows xp home with sp 2
  4. mycky

    need help pls

    help pls if you can i updated ccleaner to ver 1.33 and all was well for ages but now when i click on " check for updates now " nothing happens and my current browser will not load. I have IE and FF but whichever i make my default i get the same response. Can anyone help i dont believe it is anything to do with ccleaner
  5. i have the same problem, update has downloaded but wont install just keeps saying fail wont uninstall untill microsoft come back with an answer will let you know when they do
  6. does anyone know of , a preferable free, plugin decoder for reading yenc coded files for outlook express
  7. can anyone help me please i have a pc running windows xp sp2 on a broadband connection which works just fine for about 4 -5 hours then i can no longer access the net.Everything else seems to to be fine its just that my internet access doesnt work. i run outpost pro ver 2.7.481.5421(415). this is really annoying as the only way i can access the net is to reboot
  8. mycky


    if your scanner came off a win 98 or lower op system and you try to connect to a win xp system your orginal install disc wont work and you would have to go to packard bell site to download new install disc. it is about 70meg download
  9. hi all ive just d/l the latest version of CCleaner and while everything seems fine i was just wondering if anyone else has the same thing happening as me . when i go to fix issues it starts and then pauses at 25% and then again at 80% for between 1 and 2 mins before continuing and reporting
  10. i use outpost pro after a problem with zonealarm. was recommened by tauran and since installing it found it to be really good
  11. dooh forgot i would have to restart windows it works fine now thanks for your help
  12. done that copied 3 files but still doesn't work
  13. no xp cd recovery files are on d drive
  14. can anyone help. i have xp sp1 installed on my machine which is a compaq pressario s3350uk and recently i had to reinstall from scratch . ever since i cannot run the sfc utility when i enter sfc /scannow from the run option absoluty nothing happens. Any thoughts pls
  15. thanks for helping but not much wiser at least i know it is a low risk whatever?
  16. can anyone tell me what this file is FIREDAEMON.EXE
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