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  1. the upgrade to windows 8.1 solved all the problems. many thanks for you all.
  2. I succeeded at installing by giving permissions to Bluetooth through the registry, but now I have white exclamation marks on Bluetooth Peripheral Device.
  3. thanks for your reply No, I only found the setup.exe installation file.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with installing Bluetooth Driver and Sony Wireless State Device. I always downloaded them from the laptop's official website and installed them, but this time after a clean installation of windows 8, they all refuse to install with a yellow exclamation mark on the Unknown Device with (code 28). I mean the process of the installation goes until the end and I thought they were successfully installed but they weren't. please, how can I install them?
  5. For me, an update to the version 4.01.4093 and it was enough, I have just one question, when I removed (ActiveX/COM Issue||InProcServer32\%CommonProgramFiles%\System\Ole DB\msdaora.dll || HKCR\CLSID\{e8cc4cbe-fdff-11d0-b865-00a0c9081c1d}) from the excluded list, does that mean it was completely removed or just from the excluded list?
  6. I updated to v4.01.4093 (25 Apr 2013) and removed ActiveX/COM Issue || InProcServer32\%CommonProgramFiles%\System\Ole DB\msdaora.dll || HKCR\CLSID\{e8cc4cbe-fdff-11d0-b865-00a0c9081c1d} from the excluded list, then ran Ccleaner many times to see, and the problem disappeared
  7. solved, I just had to install the bluetooth driver. many thanks
  8. many thanks for you all. finally, I installed the right driver it was Sony Wireless State Device. but, I don't know why the question mark appears on Bluetooth Peripheral Device !
  9. do you think I can choose from the list in the screenshot below? http://s9.postimg.org/4aazx09m7/Capture3.png
  10. Hello ! I had to reinstall Windows 8 which came with my laptop. And after that I've been looking for two unknown devices for awhile after formatting my laptop with Windows 8. I couldn't find them, but after windows updates: 1. one was automatically installed, but now. 2. I can't find just one, and appears as UNKNOWN DEVICE. (look at the picture) 3. another with a white question mark. (look at the picture) I need your help.
  11. great, it good to learn that. thank you hazelnut
  12. yes, that is it. I couldn't remember its name. thank you for your help
  13. Hello ! I have windows 7 installed on a computer, then I upgraded to windows 8. there is a software I think it is like "paint" which capture a snapshot and automatically opens as soon as I press print screens. I don't remember its name. Would you help me find its name? thanks in advance.
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