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  1. I would like a feature to clear away x MiB of space in the front/end of the drive so the I can repartition the drive.
  2. I have an idea that would near completely abolish fragmentation. The free-space defragmenting process should move all of the old unmodified files that are likely to not be deleted or modified to the front of the drive, and the newer files to the end. My purpose is this: when a file is deleted it leaves a whole; when a file is modified, it either leaves a whole, or fragments the modified file. but if you put all of the unchanging files in the front, and all of the changing/new files at the end, there will be a gap between where all* fragmentation happens. this can be cleared up much more quickly, because you simply defragment it to the end of the drive, and move the unchanging files in the "new" section the the beginning of the drive. For this to work, there must be absolutely no gaps in the "old" section. *some of these fragments may be a newly modified piece of the files in the "new" section.
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