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  1. Maybe this isn't the right place to post this and i could be simply ignorant to how things work, but i alway thought that if you set the pagefile to a constant size- by way of right clicking the computer icon- That it was no longer necessary to defrag it, as it will stay constant. Am i wrong in thinking this?
  2. Yes, my suggestion would be to go back to your previous version. If it isn't broke don't fix it, you know. Newer versions are made to fix bugs, if that is not the case for you then dont use it. I have just started using defraggler yesterday and luckily this version is fine for me.
  3. I use ZoneAlarm, and in fact that uses the Kapersky engine. One and the same. You should add /ZoneAlarm to Kapersky. I bet alot of ZoneAlarm uses were added to Other when they belong under Kapersky. It would put it up there with the most used. It should be considering it is known as one of the best search engines around with over a 99% catch rate everytime.
  4. Hey now, i drive a VWGolf, lol. Yeah other than the few things i listed, it happened right after using CCleaner- it fixed a good bit of registry things... not sure but id say over 150. I do not use defraggler and as far as the services or temp internet cache- i have no clue what that is. All i know is the speed difference is amazing and i aint complaining. Are there other things i should consider using?
  5. I am excited, its crazy how much faster it is. And my AV is still on so that wasnt what was slowing it down. As far as other things you suggest i should do...what are they? I use ad-aware, spybot, i defrag. Now CCleaner, Thats it. If you think theres more i can do please let me know, i really cant see it getting any faster though- i click it and its there. I unfortunately did not note the increase in freed up space though. Here is my system stats...its a notebook by the way AMD Turion 64 X 2 Mobile TL-60 2.01GHz Windows XP Pro SP2 2 GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600
  6. Is it common that CCleaner alone can generate performance gains to the extent that i never have to wait for anything to load anymore? Im serious. When i open my documents and lets say the MyPictures, i use to see the pictures load from the top down to the bottom. When Id go into Windows and then the Cursors folder they would do the same thing, start loading from the top down. Everything is already there now and loaded. Instant. Is this common? Or is this the way everyones is already, mine just started to be this way. Even after i shutdown and start back up, the very first time i open these folders, everything is already loaded. Im just unsure as to the cause of this sudden speed.
  7. Yeah thats it exactly, my antivirus kept creating shortcut files in the registry that kept reappearing. So unless you want to get rid of the program that corrosponds to the files, you need to simply write them in as exceptions to the registry scan as i did. They will no longer come up. Id bet they are not harming your computers performance enough to warrant deleting the program causing them.
  8. This is how to rid yourself of the problem... #1. Make sure you got the newest updated CCleaner 2.06.567 #2. Make sure you update ZoneAlarm to their most recent 7.0.470.000 *** You may think your updated just by running the update feature under the Anti-virus spyware tab- that just updates the definitions, well you need to go to Overview and click on the Preferences tab to update the actual Anti-virus and spyware engines.*** Do both and it eliminates the problem and CCleaner is back in use. One interesting note is that after i then ran the virus scan it found a new virus...Backdoor.win32.Radmin.ag... but upon deletion it did not eliminate CCleaner. Let me know if anyone else gets the same response. Also, just for information purposes, i seen it asked several times but never answered...if anyone ever needs to exclude items from future searches- Under the Anti-virus/ Anti-spyware heading, click the Main tab and at the bottom click on Advanced Options. When the box pops up click on Eceptions in the left pane of options, then just add whatever it is you want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 2 more viruses caught since the new update, backdoor.win32.Zlob.jpu and backdoor.win32.Zlob.ius. I wasnt even scanning, Zonealarm jus popped up a window saying they were caught after attempting to run scripts or something. They were not caught while they were dormant during the scan a few hours ago. all 3 are quaranteened and CCleaner is still available, thats a good sign i guess. Please tell me if anyone else gets all these new ones as well.
  9. If what you are saying is true than it suggests the possibility that the file could have been added to the program by certain download sites or somewhere in between. I mean, how could the same antivirus find a file in my CCleaner but not yours??? I dont fully understand this, so again, i am definetly waiting for a response by ZoneAlarm.
  10. Here is where to go to report such things to ZoneAlarm... http://smartdefense.zonealarm.com/tmpl/bod...c_reporting.jsp As far as their reputation- It is always rated at the top as far as virus detection goes, it uses the Kapersky engine. And as far as "false positives", ZA encourages them to be sent in. For anyone who may doubt the quality of ZoneAlarms product or their reputation, Id have you read their review by ZDNet... a direct quote... "Intro of ZoneAlarm Security Suite ZoneAlarm's Security Suite is one of the best security suites we have seen. Its interface is far easier to use and understand than the competition's, and its feature set puts the comparably priced Norton Internet Security and McAfee Internet Security to shame. Overall, ZoneAlarm Security Suite is the suite to beat for all-around Internet security and privacy, whether you use your PC from home or take the corporate laptop out on the road." I just feel its sometimes good to mention some positive things about a product when conversation arises about possible negatives. Basically false positives happen to the best AV programs out there, but when they do, consideration should be looked at both ways until it is confirmed. There is such a thing as missed detections as well. It is very unlikely, but maybe the other AVs just are not up to par on the newest threats such as this one. To suggest people should overlook any threat before its properly researched is simply not a good practice. The file could have been added to the program by the download site for all we know. I will wait until its resolved before i just ignore it or put in an exception to the search. Its truly better to be safe than sorry.
  11. So Gadfly, you are saying that other AVs are reporting it as a virus as well? I thought everyone was saying it was only ZoneAlarm- which i'm running as well and think is the best out there. If other AVs are reporting it too, then of course it would be a Piriform problem, but i think it is only ZoneAlarm. If omeone else has it being detected by another AV please let us know which ones. I hope it gets fixed by someone cause i dont want to lose CCleaner either.
  12. Lol, the average computer user depends on their anti-virus and spyware programs to detect just that, viruses and spyware. We are not computer savvy enough to find the things on our own or even know what false negatives or false positives are. When we run into a situation where a trusted AV program tells us that an item is bad, we take heed and even take the time to discuss the problem- if only for assurance- before we delete it permanently, or find out its a false positive. That is what this forum is here for. Being condensending is never a good thing and it most definetly doesnt solve problems. In fact it can only lead to people being reluctant to post future questions or concerns. With that in mind, id like to add this question. I hope the answer doesnt make me feel more stupid. Do false positives and negatives apply to trojans and/or spyware as well as viruses? The reason i ask is that my AV said that it is a trojan, not a virus as others have implied. And does that make a difference? I was thinking that if it isnt quite as bad, i maybe can just go to my basement instead of the whole way out to the shelter.
  13. I just encountered the same trojan and i use ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite- most updated recent version. I must say that i loved both programs. Since i switched from Norton my computer has been so much better protected. Norton would find the viruses and such but after they had done their damage, Zonealarm catches them as they enter. It has saved me over and over. It is quite slow, but it doesnt miss much if anything. I truly have %100 percent faith in it. Im not saying that it cant make mistakes though. Now, i recently downloaded and used CCleaner and thought it was great too. I could delete things i never before could get to, and fix the registry for free, gotta love that. But then on my very first scheduled ZA scan, it found what it is saying to be a very serious trojan. In fact this is how it explains it... "This program enables a remote user to control your computer. It runs in the background and opens a back door on your computer. The back door allows an unauthorized remote user to connect to and access your computer, circumventing your computer's security. When you connect to the internet, this program notifies the remote user that your computer is vulnerable. This program may also have built-in tools used to manage your files, run executables on your computer, control your mouse and CD tray, screens, and retrieve passwords, keystroke, and screen shots. This trojan is frequently disguised as a useful program, or hidden inside other programs to get you to install them." That is scary if you ask me, especially because i do think its a greatly useful program. What better way to gain access? The way the world is today, you can never be too careful. I will only redownload CCleaner when its assured this trojan problem is gone. Im going to try the previous version as the other commenter stated its free of this problem.
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