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  1. Why is Defragging my SSD so slow? My SSD can transfer data at 425 MB/s and yet Task Manager shows Defraggler Disk transfer rate at 0.1 MB/s. About 4000 times slower. To Defrag 204 GB takes more than 40 hours. Defraggler CPU usage is less than 14% Why can't this be MUCH faster? Why can't Defraggler use multiple threads to speed it up? How long will it take to defrag a much larger Disk? Be creative. Be Faster.
  2. I would like to be able to pick and delete files directly from the File List after Analyze. Usually Log files that I do not need. Defraggler often moves a large file up and then moves it down again near the end of defrag. Moving it twice oftens wastes alot of time. Defraggler is very slow when compacting many small files. May take an hour or more to do 1%. There should be a better way of compacting many small files that are close together. Defraggle is generally very good, but could be better if it were more effecient.
  3. When using the Defraggler to defrag a single large file of 100 Megabytes or more, the Defraggler progress bar quickly counts up to some seemingly random number between 0% and 99% and then both the progress bar and the disk contents graphic do not change for many minutes while the defragging takes place. Nothing changes until the very end when the disk contents sudden flashes yellow and the the Defraggler sudden goes from nothing to the "Defrag complete" state. It doesn't make much sense to display the Defragmentation status bar if it doesn't really show the progress of the Defragging progress. It is a pretty worthless display. The disk contents graphic is not much use either during this long wait. It would be much better if the progress display actually showed the progress of the defragmentation of these large files. The progress display could be actually useful to estimate how long it might take to complete the file defragmentation so that I could know if I could go out and get a cup of coffee or something during the wait. It would even be more entertaining if the disk contents graphic also showed the movement of the file contents as the defragmentation was taking palce.
  4. Defraggler can take over 24 hours to defrag a 150 GB disk that has already been defragged that is only 37% full !!! It will spend several hours in the same location defragging the Freespace I have never seen a defrag program run so slowly. It spends nearly 50% of the time doing nothing, neither reading nor writing. After running the defraggler to completion, which may take more than 24 hours, if I run the dfraggler again, it will spend more than 12 hours doing more work !!! If it is properly dfragged in the first run, what is it doing on the second run ??? It would be a GREAT program if only it ran to completion in a reasonable mount of time. You have got to be kidding me with the performance of this utility.
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