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  1. Here it is, rabbit: I know Visual Basic; I do not know beans about the Registry. Visual Studio comes with a Design Environment with which the developer creates Installer Packages, which have the extension .msi. That is the only one I have direct knowledge of, and that knowledge is limited. I had the same problem with Free Registry Fix, but it went home, and I have not been successful in getting it back, so I decided to try CCleaner. CCleaner identifies Registry keys as "obsolete" if they do not have values set. Right click the offending registry key in the report and s
  2. When you click the Registry icon in the left sidebar, a list of check boxes is displayed. Unchecking obsolete software box will prevent deletion of the program's registry entries. You can also opt out of the fix for that app. If it was installed with the Windows Installer Package system, and you did not delete the installer, the app should re-install itself after being CC'd. I was hoping to see a more extensive answer to your problem because I am experiencing the same problem with a program which I designed, coded and compiled. My program does not store or retrieve any registry keys.
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