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  1. We had over 20 pc's fall to their knees after running CCleaner this past weekend. We have been using CCleaner for almost 2 years now for providing weekly cleaning maint for pc's. Over the past couple months we have started to see weird things happen like desktop icons being removed, files on the desktop being deleted, etc. This past issue has been almost cleared by running a system restore point, but the overall question is why.. Presently we are using ver (full install), here is the ini file. I'm open for thoughts on this as I would like to continue to use CCleaner but unless I can find good evidence, I can't put our company at risk. Don [Options] WINDOW_HEIGHT=629 WINDOW_WIDTH=632 WINDOW_TOP=316 WINDOW_LEFT=279 WINDOW_MAX=0 (App)Temporary Internet Files=True (App)Cookies=True (App)History=True (App)Recently Typed URLs=True (App)Delete Index.dat files=True (App)Last Download Location=True (App)Autocomplete Form History=False (App)Recent Documents=True (App)Run (in Start Menu)=True (App)Search Assistant Autocomplete=True (App)Other Explorer MRUs=True (App)Empty Recycle Bin=True (App)Temporary Files=True (App)Clipboard=True (App)Memory Dumps=True (App)Chkdsk File Fragments=True (App)Windows Log Files=False (App)Old Prefetch data=False (App)Menu Order Cache=False (App)Tray Notifications Cache=False (App)Window Size/Location Cache=False (App)User Assist History=False (App)IIS Log Files=False (App)Hotfix Uninstallers=True (App)Custom Folders=True (App)Adobe Reader 8.0=True (App)Windows Media Player=True (App)Office XP=True (App)Adobe Flash Player=True (App)MS Management Console=True (App)MS Paint=True (App)Nero Burning ROM=True (App)Sun Java=True (App)Windows Movie Maker=True (App)RegEdit=True (App)VNCViewer 4=True (App)DVD Shrink=True (App)Grisoft AVG 7.0=True UPDATEKEY=3/22/2007 10:54:05 AM UpdateCheck=0 SecureDeleteType=0 SecureDeleteMethod=0 HideWarnings=1 DelayTemp=1 AutoClose=1 BackupPrompt=1 IEDetailed=1 FFDetailed=1 CustomFolders=C:\Temp| (App)Missing Shared DLLs=True (App)Invalid File Extensions=True (App)ActiveX and Class Issues=True (App)Applications=True (App)Fonts=True (App)Application Paths=True (App)Help Files=True (App)Installer=True (App)Obsolete Software=True (App)Run At Startup=True (App)Start Menu Ordering=True (App)MUI Cache=True (App)Start Menu Shortcuts=True (App)Desktop Shortcuts=True
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