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  1. Thanks very much Jim. I'm going to try the first option right now and I'll get back to you. Again, thanks..
  2. I didn't change a single default setting on the program. I can't get to the recovery console because the computer stops right before that option. The blue screen that says "windows setup" on top, and "setup is starting windows" on the bottom. It won't go past that point. My computer was running poorly before I ran CCleaner, but it was still running. Thats for the replies so far. Is there any hope?
  3. Hi, I downloaded and ran CCleaner yesterday on my laptop. It was running slowly and I have been trying a lot of different things like ad-aware and spybot. It was working slowly, but still working until I ran CCleaner. I restarted the computer after I ran the program and not it won't go past the black windows screen with the blue scrolling bar (I'm running XP home). I tried starting it with last known good configuration, the same thing happens. I tried safe mode, and a bunch of stuff scrolls down the screen then it just stops and it won't go past a DOS screen. I tried putting in a boot disc and that will not load past the blue screen that says windows is loading setup (or something like that). I've let it wait for a few hours and it just won't go past windows loading in any setting. Does anyone have an idea if my system is recoverable, or did CCleaner kill it? Any help or tips are very much appreciated.
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