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  1. Hello, I am on a XP Home-SP2 system 80 GB HD, the first time I ran Defraggler (3.2 GB of fragmented files), the program self aborted, the second time I ran it, the program froze, so I aborted. After reading your post, I checked the System Volume Information folder and it is empty, I also checked to see if there were any new Temp folders or files that could of been made by Defraggler, I could not find any. Did the temp file have a specific name? I wonder if your problem is just Vista related? By the way, after I did a system cleaning with CCleaner, EasyClean and a reboot , I ran Defraggler a 3rd time in debug mode (1.3 GB of fragmented files), the program took about 30 mins. to defrag files and 1 hour to defrag free space. The program looks to have done a excellent job this time, but it got me wondering, how long it would take to do a badly fragmented HD, to long I think, with the CPU Usage close to a 100% while the program is working. Have a good one, Wink
  2. Hello, I tried out Defraggler also and I am sorry to say, even though it has a interesting concept, the program, version 1.1.44, has some problems on my XP SP2 system, 80 GB HD. After analyzing, it found and listed 3.2 GB of fragmented files, ran defrag and the program self aborted at 49% defragging files, analyzed and ran the defrag again, the program got to and "hung" at 18% defragging the free space, for over an hour, before I aborted the procedure. Once again, I analyzed, the program showed 0 fragmented files. Just for fun I ran the Windows Defragmenter, immediately after, it showed a few fragmented files but hardly enough to bother mentioning. I did find the analysis was quick, and defragging individual files and smaller groups of selected files, Defraggler, seemed to work just fine. Anyway, I see that there is a debug setting for the program. In a week or so I will test it again and send a report if needed. Thank you for hearing me out, Merry Christmas, Wink
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