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  1. I have the sa me with my 1070ti Should be 8Gb...
  2. Ok one de-frag log - (Hope its not too big!) [2007-12-26] [10:48:45.135] 00b50 0 ATLX::CAtlXTraceLogger::LogApplicationInfo#461 C:\Program Files\Defraggler\defraggler.exe [2007-12-26] [10:48:45.151] 00b50 0 ATLX::CAtlXTraceLogger::LogApplicationInfo#490 FileVersion: [2007-12-26] [10:48:45.151] 00b50 0 ATLX::CAtlXTraceLogger::LogApplicationInfo#491 ProductVersion: [2007-12-26] [10:48:45.151] 00b50 0 ATLX::CAtlXTraceLogger::LogApplicationInfo#492 Flags: 0x00000000, OS: 0x00000004, Type: 0x00000002, Subtype: 0x00000000 [2007-12-26] [10:48:45.151] 00b50 0 ATLX::CAtlXTrac
  3. After a comp re-start, it now analyses one of my external hd properly and will de-frag it (sort of). Sadly still the same with my other 2 hd tho
  4. I just got the latest version (1.1.44) and although it works a whole lot faster on the analysis side, its not reporting correctly. No matter which of my (3) hd I analyse, it reports files of only 1 size (268,768KB) are found, they are all called $MFT and they have various fragments ranging from 3 to hundreds. Is there a problem I dont know of?? Thanks iceberg *edit* After trying to dr-frag some of the files, de-fraggler dosent do anything it just stays at 0%
  5. iceberg


    My s.o. ?? If you mean my os, its win xp sp2. The sive of the drive is 149GB, of which 37.7GB is free. Its mostly (95%) uncompressed and has dozens of games installed on it of varying sizes. After a restart, I tried it again, and it ran ok (sort of), just didnt report the fragmentation of my drive properly and the would'nt defragment the files on it Whiteshark, if you need any other info, just pm me your e-mail addy and I'll reply directly, if you want
  6. iceberg


    Just down loaded defragger and installed it. Upon first use i got 'THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH' while it was analysing. The error was 'page error in a non paged area' or somthing very close as I was afk while waiting for it to finish analysis.
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