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  1. Hi My C: and H: drives are NTFS and my F: is FAT32, until recently defraggler worked perfectly on all of them. a few days ago, when i tried to analyze C: or H: defraggler either says: "analysis failed" or crashes to desktop, i can analyze and defrag F: as before. I've attached a debug log, thanks for any help Philip [ed. never mind, i think it was trojans or viruses, i think ive removed them all now and defraggler works perfectly] defraggler.exe._1_5_111__2008_12_15_22_28_.txt defraggler.exe._1_5_111__2008_12_15_22_28_.txt
  2. i had to increase the size of my page file and now whenever i use defraggler it says i have over 4GB fragmented space because it cant defrag the page file, could this be available in defraggler or is there some other way of defragging it?
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