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  1. How about a version of CCleaner that will run straight of a USB Key Easy to go to friends Computer & plug it in to clear the crud on it.
  2. Can anyone help - is there a way of getting CCleaner to run directly from a USB key I find this program so helpful cleaning other people computers of junk, but I have to install it onto each computer I work on Thanks in advance Edited - oops made a mistake, there already IS a portable version of CCleaner - I should've done a search for 'CCleaner Portable' instead of 'CCleaner USB'
  3. I think this should've been posted in the CCleaner Forum, however I'll try & help Firstly - have you tried uninstalling then re-installing CCleaner ?? - it's possible that something went amiss & so shortcuts were not made. It's also possible you have some form of Spyware/malware checker software running in the background that prevented the registry etc from being altered. If you've tried reinstalling & it still doesn't give shortcuts etc then as long as you're not too concern about 'Context menus on Recycle bin' here's how to make a desktop shortcut 1) Use Explorer &
  4. I know 'Eddy 2' has already put a request in for 'Defrag Empty Space' (I've copied his request here) - but I thought I'll start a thread where everyone can add their own requests for features they would like to see in future Defraggler versions & keep them all nicely together for the developers to view ------------------------- Eddy 2 Post: Hi all, There is a feature that I would appreciate very much in Defraggler, and that is that it could defrag the disk empty space. That is, to 'simply' move all files so that one is placed right after the other. That way, the empty disk space
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