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  1. So, New_Age, by following your logic, we can compare how you feel with OEMs using Vista to: Don't send kids to school until they can read, write, tie their shoes and use the toilet properly. Morale here is: The sooner they got it out, the less problems in the future - they will get to know the system. And just like with any other OS upgrade, it takes a little time to adjust to. Personally, I take UAC off as I don't like the machine challenging my authority to launch an application
  2. I'm glad I sounded like a pro All I did was read the readme, and use a little common sense (I'm a programmer myself)
  3. There's no use for a better progress bar, .. it would only slow it down, performance is more important than visual effects in a computer repair application.
  4. It's fixed, the fix will be released with the next release of Recuva (as mentioned above)
  5. The execution time will decrease, however, the decompression speed is only noticeable on files 100mb or more, and still, it's minor even then. The decompression time is also dependant on the compression level you used, a compression level of 1 would take significantly shorter times to execute where as a level of 6 may take longer. There are also several other options you can configure using the command-line that may or may not affect the performance. UPX is great - but it should remain a user preference, if they know about UPX and wish to use it, they may, but as CCleaner wants to maintain
  6. The version you posted above worked fine for me, I hope you have fixed the bug Note You need to place the file above in your C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ for the Applications tab to function properly. Thank you for your hard work and consideration!
  7. I experienced an error while running the "Cleaner," I have Gutmann (35 passes) enabled. This error launched in the background, and didn't affect my session with the program at all. I noticed this when I closed CCleaner. Sorry I can't provide more details.. the error reporting is some-what lacking them Note: When I clicked "Close" after writing this post, another (a duplicate?) window with the same information popped up, maybe two errors were encountered? I don't know
  8. Here are my details for the 1.07 crash.. they could be helpful, you never know Visual Debug
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