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  1. A progress bar is supposed to tell the user how much time is remaining but the way its implemented when performing an analysis in CCleaner, the progress bar gets to the end and then starts again. The user has no idea how many times this is going to happen, so in effect, the 'progress' bars as they are in CCleaner right now are actually mirages ... you can see progress bars, but its not telling you the progress !!! This is really the only thing wrong with this wonderful program, i just thought i'd point out the obvious-to-me-but-it-seems-no-one-else ... So, just in case i'm not being clear, i would love to know how long the analysis is going to take in terms of a rough percentage of how much its got thru at any point. ie what progress bars are supposed to tell you. If this is not possible, then please please please scrap the progress bars and just put a 'please wait' message. At least there won't be any more mirages to get annoyed at. Thanks for listening and thanks again for this very very useful program.
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