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  1. I've still got AntiVir V8 on my system yes. I just sorted out installing XP3 today and it's on my system and seems fine for now... I decided to sort the SP bit out first as that's what people on the Avira forum suggested I do. Now I've done that I'm going to let the new SP run for a few days to see if anything odd happens, but hopefully it's all fine. I knew about those issues, hence why I'd left it for so long. I feel you're right on that one. After all my worrying, it appears to have worked OK for me.
  2. Shortened my previous message. Sorry! As I said before, I have no idea how to access the registry, so I can't say what the registry key now is on my system for AntiVir
  3. Uh huh I'm a member of the Avira forum surprisingly enough. I have seen a lot of people going on about various issues. Seeing as the support for V9 was running out in September this year, I thought I may as well go straight on to 10. V8's support ran out as of yesterday. Today I should really be on either V9 or V10 (!) but I'm still on V8 as I've been advised to change from SP2 to SP3 on Windows XP Home first and I've not even done that yet. Bit unsure of it TBH as I know some XP systems have ended up not being able to be loaded after the SP was installed and some couldn't even access safe mo
  4. Thanks for answering. I'll have to post my bits and bobs later when I get home. As for the registry, I have no idea what it contains. I don't even know how to access it to look. Only reason I'm asking is cos someone on the AntiVir forum recommended that I use CCleaner to clean up a bit after removing V8 before I go on to V10. AntiVir has been missing from my cleaner list for sometime and I have always wondered how the heck I can get in back in there!
  5. I've made a winapp2 file and added AntiVir to it using the information in this topic and then added it to the CCleaner folder, but I look at the already made winapp file and there's AntiVir PE Classic mentioned in there anyway. Anyone have any idea why this is missing from my cleaner list and why I can't get it to show? More importantly, does anyone know how I can actually get it to appear on my list?
  6. I've just installed the IE ActiveX and it's appeared on my list again. Thanks!
  7. I am missing the ActiveX thing. I'll try that and see if that works.
  8. I didn't restart Windows no. I haven't downloaded the Flash Player for IE though, I use it on Firefox. I just uninstalled the old version and installed the current one and left it at that. Maybe a restart is what's needed.
  9. I can't remember which it was listed in, internet or multimedia, but the Flash Player has gone from the list of applications that I can clean. I'm using Adobe Flash Player 10 now. Anyone know how I can get this back on the list?
  10. Any news on this yet? Sorry to keep asking about it
  11. Any idea when I'll find out how to get that program back on CCleaner? I've also just noticed that the MS Management Console has gone from the Applications > Windows section too
  12. Never had this problem before, but after updating to the new version, that program has vanished from my Utilities section. Anyone know how I can get this back?
  13. I'm having the same problems with deleting some temp files and I have the "Only delete temp files older than 48 hours" option ticked. Is it safe to not have this selected?
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