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  1. thanks for your help, I unticked the box and ran CCleaner and it cleaned up all the temp files then when I was done I reticked it, but will I have to untick the box all the time to clean out that temp folder?
  2. yes I do, could this be affecting it? the files in that temp folder are older than 48 days though I recognized pictures from a portable spyware scanner I used about 2 weeks ago, I'm not sure what else is in that folder I just noticed the pictures from that program at a glance.
  3. the temp files located in my windows account local settings (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp) aren't being deleted, when I used CCleaner yesterday after I clicked analyze it said it would clean up about 250MB which I thought was weird because I run CCleaner often and when I looked it was a bunch of temp files so I clicked run CCleaner and after it finished it said it only cleaned up about 50MB so I remembered where those temp files were and when I got to the temp folder it had about 200MB in it so why isn't CCleaner cleaning these files? and now when I click analyze these files don't even come up.
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