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  1. I'm attempting to update Ccleaner 5.78 via the update function within the app. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit. When I click on the install prompt, it eventually dumps to desktop with an installer error. See screenshots attached. My workaround is to download a copy from the web and re-install from there. This has happened with several prior versions. Sometimes just waiting a day or 2 fixes it. Sometimes it needs a fresh install. I decided to let you know, since it's become a re-occurring issue. mgr
  2. Most helpful, thanks. It'll be nice to have a clean, relevant listing for a change. I'll try it this weekend. mgr
  3. OK, thanks. I have a few other old ghosts beyond Office. Is it the same routine to delete those?
  4. The "Applications" tab in CCleaner still shows old programs I've removed long ago. For example, I still see Office 97, XP, 2003, 2007 as selectable entries, but I have _no_ Office installation at the moment. How do I remove these obsolete entries and clean-up my apps listings? Thanks, mgr
  5. Posted a little too soon - one more thought: Try a refreshed browser install. IE is a pain to work with, so try Firefox. Uninstall Firefox, then reboot to a clean session. Use CCleaner (if you are comfortable) to remove remaining debris from the FF uninstall, then reboot again. Install the latest FF version from Mozilla WITHOUT add-ons and try Yahoo again. The wild thought here is that the uninstall & clean boots may reset / repair some corrupted registry or profile settings. mgr
  6. Some more long shots: - perhaps it's a graphics card issue. Don't know if your PC has the integrated onboard graphics set-up or a discrete graphics card, but it might be worth a check to see if there's a driver update available. Also, if the PC has an add-in (individual) card, sometimes removing the card and returning to the original onboard graphics chip will fix display issues (I had odd, random problems like this years ago with an ATI add-in card). - try with another monitor. - try a different monitor resolution / frequency. - if you're adventurous, you could install Goog
  7. nevet, A few long-shots to try: - try switching to Yahoo Mail Classic. I see in the screenshots that Mail Classic is selectable. - delete cookies from both browsers and restart. The easiest (and most brutal) way is "delete all," and put up with restoring those cookies as you surf; or try to find yahoo-only cookies and selectively delete. - update your versions of IE and Firefox. - did you install the Yahoo Toolbar when you installed CC? If so, remove it totally (see other forum threads on how to ensure this is total) and retry after it's gone. These are suggestions o
  8. I've seen this behavior in limited accounts in the past with simple install programs that only use file operations (e.g. copy, paste, delete) and don't attempt to modify the registry, services, task scheduler, etc. I don't know the details of the CC installer, but it may act this way. I assume you're on XP; perhaps Vista exerts better control via UAC? It doesn't answer your question, but a way I've found to help deter program use in limited accounts is to move the Start / Programs links for individual programs from the "all users" folder (which is where most programs default install) to
  9. All, The problems are eliminated!! Thanks, JDPower, for providing the solution that worked (Installer Cleanup Utility). I'm still puzzled why I couldn't find the entries in the registry, and none of the registry cleaners found them, either, but it's a moot point now. I've retested Java and it works fine, so no residual issues (so far). Thanks to all for the timely & helpful responses. mgr
  10. Sorry, some replies crossed while I was responding. My original was for CeeCee. YoKenny, I'll try your RegSeeker next. I've already cleaned those Java folders a long time ago. mgr
  11. Thanks for the tip. That's a blast from the past (I've used JV programs for years, up to RSP which I use now) but I gave it a try in the spirit of troubleshooting. It also failed to find those entries, as does all my other software except CC. I suspect they're not in the registry (I tried searching as noted above). Question is, where are they? mgr
  12. All, I'm looking for a way to remove some old "ghost" Sun Java entries in the CCleaner Uninstall tool. They are J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 2 and Update 4. So far, they cannot be removed by CCleaner or Add / Remove. I was able to edit the names in CC to add the suffix "obsolete" on the end, and these edited names show up in Add / Remove. Here's what I've tried so far: 1. Remove via CC uninstall "delete" - CC says it can't remove an MSI installer 2. Run CC "uninstall" - CC prompts for the original file installation, which is now long gone 3. Run Add / Remove - A/R li
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