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  1. Still no joy, but thank you very much for your efforts. Jack
  2. Hi Nergal, Tried those 2 options already - no joy. Jack
  3. Whenever I run Ccleaner, and I then load up IE8, I find that my account number on e.g. Barclaycard has disappeared. This does not happen with Firefox or Google Chrome. I would be grateful if someone could offer some ideas as to what I should have ticked / unticked in WINDOWS/INTERNET EXXPLORER or whether it is an INTERNET OPTIONS problem ? Jack A.
  4. Glad it worked for you. Have done numerous CC updates in the past, but this is the 1st time I've had a problem.
  5. Had the same problem - Try CCLEANER >APPLICATIONS > FIREFOX or CHROME & untick SESSIONS. Jack
  6. Have used CCleaner with Firefox ( with Gmail )for many months without any problems. Since the latest CC update, after a cleanup, I have to log in to Gmail again to get it to work, which I haven't had to do previously. Jack A.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I found by trial & error that session was the "culprit" What is the Session option for ? Jack.
  8. Windows XP, SP3. I use Firefox 3.6.8 with the Showcase Tab option. Since updating CCleaner to version 2.35.1219 ( August 25th ), when I run the cleaner, then restart Firefox, I lose my Showcase Tab & all tabs in use ( normally 6 ).
  9. Thanks very much for the excellent, prompt reply - it works a treat.
  10. I use C Cleaner regularly, & have tried the autorun on startup. My computer is getting on a bit ( ~5 yrs ) & it's moderately slow to start up, and I don't want to increase my start time by autorunning CC on start up. Would it be possible / feasible to have an option like autoclean on shut down ?
  11. Thanks for the info. Defgragging back to full speed. Would be clearer if there were seperate buttons for full & file defrags.
  12. I have used the May 08 version successfully for a few weeks & it was very good & fast, if a bit basic looking. I could do a 15Gb defrag in about 5-10 minutes. Have just downloaded the new version, tried a defrag, & aborted it , unfinished, after 2 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  13. Is consideration being given to the optiional provision to defrag :- 1 ...... D: ( discs ) 2....... E: ( usb pen drives ) ?
  14. Have just found defraggler & downloaded it. Looks impressive - like it much better than Auslogics defrag & beats windows defrag out of sight !!. How will I find out if/when there are upgrades available ?
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