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  1. Thanks for the answer. It worked. It is not good when updates add some new feature and automatically enable it without telling the user what is going to happen. Sort of like MSoft.
  2. I noticed that recently when I shut down my computer and then restarted it, Firefox lost all tabs that were open in last session. (Running FF 3.6.8. Vista Home Premium 32 bit) I recently updated my CCleaner program from v2.34 to v2.35 and I thought this might be the cause. I opened FF and opened 4 tabs, then shut down FF. Reopened FF and all tabs were there. Closed FF. Ran CCleaner v2.35. Reopened FF and tabs were gone. I then uninstalled CCleaner v2.35 and installed v2.34. Opened FF and opened 4 tabs, shut down FF and reopened FF and all tabs were there. Shut down FF and ran CCleaner
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