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  1. I've tried them. They are terrible..but thanks anyway
  2. OK i went back to the original maxthon but the toolbar installs in the bottom when it should be at the top. When I check the options I have it set for the toolbar to be at the top (under the addy bar). This is what happened when I installed Maxthon 2. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks! I have no idea why I just didn't stay with Maxthon 1. I think I'll go back to it. I hate IE but I'll DL the Pro just in case. I appreciate it
  4. I haven't used IE in about 3 yrs. I've always used Maxthon and loved it until they upgraded and their roboform toolbar disappeared. That sucked badly so since Roboform works fine with IE7 and they have tabbed browsing which I love, I'm using it now. It's a bit of a pain but I'll get used to it. My question is. When IE crashes (yes I know that's normal) and reopens or I reopen, is there a way to reopen the tabs that were already open when it crashed? Maxthon had this and I'm hoping IE does. I've searched and searched (plus I'm very challenged) and couldn't find anything. Can anyone help with this if it's even an option? Oh and sorry I've been MIA. Going through a divorce..woohoo!
  5. I'm really trying to find the best anti-virus without paying? OMG I tried Panda or something like that and I thought that thing would fry my pc..removed it immediately. I'll go check around the forum to see what info I can find. Thanks for all your help!
  6. So that means I have a perfectly normal computer...well isn't that something. I checked the other programs and they seem to belong there, but I have a concern at how much resources they are taking. What do you think?
  7. I've got my computer running nice and smooth but in the task manager I have 6 svchost.exe running. 3 are SYSTEM 1 is LOCAL SERVICE and 2 are NETWORK SERVICE. I went into bleepingcomputer.com which has helped me a lot but I have no idea which ones I need and which ones I don't. I don't want to make the mistake of deleting things that are necessary because I ended up restoring the system. Any ideas? I'll include a screenshot so you know what I'm talking about.
  8. Thanks, it asked me to pay though but I haven't had anymore issues with it so it's all good
  9. Sorry, haven't been around..been feeling a bit ill. I am so jealous at your task mgrs! They look so nice and clean. Why does that svshst.exe (or whatever) have to be there like 10x? What is that?
  10. All of a sudden, the taskbar icons that I usually have are gone. The only one that is showing, is the two little monitor thingies. I like to have the volume icon and the Norton icon. I went to Control Panel-Taskbar and Start Menu-put a check on "Hide Inactive Icons"-Customize Only the icons that are showing are in the Current Items but my volume, and Norton icons are in the past items. I used the dropdown menu to put whatever I wanted to Always Show, clicked Apply..nothing there. Task Mgr says Norton is running but I like it to be on the taskbar. So I opened the program up and pretty much had to place it there even though it's programmed to start with Windows. The volume icon however Control Panel-Sound and whatever devices has the box checked to show icon in taskbar. I uncheck and check, I mess with other stuff, come back and check it again, apply, nothing. What the heck now?
  11. Dang what a way to hijack a post..LOL..just kidding It helped me too
  12. I know, I tend to do that. I'm surprised I still have a working computer. I don't want to mess with it more than I have to but there are so many programs in that taskbar that I don't know what they are. And when I do a search on them, some don't even come up. Maybe starting over with exact instructions on what to do will work better for me? I promise not to have ants in the pants, I'll patiently wait (I'm in the US, so my time with you all is limited, you're probably all sleeping over there in the UK) OK. I'm going to take a screenshot of my task manager the way it is right now and we can start from there..sound cool? Here it is:
  13. Awww..thanks guys I have learned a lot and I thank you all so much Now I'm off to ask more questions..lol
  14. Yeah but you have to really know what you're doing..i messed up my pc
  15. Nope, haven't used sonic at all. The thing is that never happened to me until I followed the original instructions. I'll try what you did and see what happens
  16. Well I'm ghetto so I have a prepaid tracfone, just for emergencies
  17. Alright, I'll try the registry cleaner and go to my "happy place" when the computer turns on and that stupid black screen comes up..it's literally for about 2 seconds then it's gone
  18. I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash..can you at least make out what it says on the black screen?
  19. Oh ok, so I should put back the actual exe back and just put a shortcut on my desktop. Thank you
  20. Please excuse my dirty monitor Here is a surprise one when I turned off the pc--it says "CCSvcHst.exe--Application Error" something about the memory couldn't be written And here is what comes on for a couple of seconds when i reboot
  21. Shoot I've already had 2 and I'm dying..I'm such a lightweight. Ok, I'll take a pic and post it in a few. It's morning over there but it's almost 11pm here so let me get the brats to bed and will come back with the pic
  22. Thank you very much. I'm on another pc but as soon as I get my kids to get out of my room and go to bed I'll work on them
  23. Yeah I think your search results is the way to go. I definitely don't want the po po knocking on my door because 50 cent is pissed.
  24. Now when I turn off my computer, that End Program box comes up. It says CCAPP which I believe, if I'm not mistaken, is Norton antivirus? I don't have to end the program, it does it by itself without it even completely shut down (hard to explain, the blue thing just goes across 2-3x and it goes away. No problems with the program though. Should I just let it go because you're all tired of my questions? Blame the gentleman that invited me here to make your lives a living hades
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