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  1. Hi Guys, I recently downloaded Sweepi and used that instead of CCleaner , the reason was based on the fact that the software offered a option to securely wipe the empty space on the harddrive. Your software is far more superior and I have reinstalled it. By adding this function I do not need to download Eraser which I feel is overkill unless you really need to hide something. Please consider adding this function in your next release and keep up the incredible work Thanks Andre
  2. I have had the software running for two days on windows vista basic, no freezes and a very definite speed increase. This is one piece of software that will stay on my computer for a long time to come. Thanks for pointing out the site
  3. Hi, Hope someone on the forum can help. I am looking for software which will capture my favourites in firefox and allow a search for them even possibly display a small screen capture of the web page. I tried a program which I think was called linksync , but I can't find it on the internet. I am looking for the software and not a social hosting web site. Any help would be appreciated Andre
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