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  1. Hi. Great program, but, what I miss the most from this program compared to others is a Progress Bar. This is very useful to see how much longer the program has to go before it completes. Can this be implemented at all. Especially is you want this to go in to competition with anything else out there. Many thanks. Steve.
  2. G-SWSM

    CCleaner Help.

    Unsober, You Da Man, that did the trick, the first thing you suggested was the culprit. Thanks for your help.
  3. G-SWSM

    CCleaner Help.

    Hi, Thanks for replying to my post. I will check what you have said and let you know. Thanks again.
  4. G-SWSM

    CCleaner Help.

    Hi All, Firstly, what a fabulous program this is, I have been using this for ages, but on this new version there must be something that I have missed somewhere. I now have to re-set my views in Windows explorer each time my PC boots up. I run CCleaner religiously every two days etc, but noticed that at the next start up I have to re enable my view preferences, for example I prefer to show Details, not thumbnails etc in windows explorer, and have it at full screen, not half size. is there something that I should un-check in CCleaner so that I do not have to do this each time. Th
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