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  1. im amasing on how fast Google is to deal out badware to webpages, even not contacting them about the danger, why is that ??? , well im using a program called peerguardian, it always tell me to block out any google services, is google spreading viruses? and why dont they tell victims of the viruses? i dunno, its just amassing, how fast google can call a website a victim of a virus, or even call the website the cause of the victim :-( , any info on this? EDIt: On another post i made, i was notified of this Lo-Fi version of this forum, as to be dangerous? , why dident google advise the site owners?? man, im not gonna be googeling much more :-)
  2. i understand, but as longer you continue the longer away you go from the main topic, it would be better in a anoter thread, also it would be much easier for newcommers to search for their simmilar fault ect. :-) EDIT: i been on such forums, and i hate it, its so difficult to get an answer to ur fault, since u have to read about 100+ post to get the answer :-( , so plz try to understand this, its for everyones good :-) I know ur a bright man, reading almost all ur post, i see you know ur stuff, so, i almost know as much in he pc world as you, even more in some areas :-), but try to keep the forum clean, of info you can gather in a day :- Since most ppl, wont be able to comprehend it :-)
  3. Meaning, maybe you 2 should start a new thread about why freeware Antiviruses, ain't filled with more options? hehe, let this thread be done, its big enough allready, and its fixed :-)
  4. For all new commers, that goes straight to the last page, i must add, LO-FI Version of this forum is now clean, thx MrG Quote Post 13: Apologies for this, all fixed now! It looks like this hack crept in at some point. I've checked the rest of the system and it's fine. All the admin and system passwords have been reset for safety. MrG Quote End
  5. Yep, i read it, and he is both right and wrong :-) , since kasperskys web antivirus, is only scanning incomming traffic on a port u choose(default 80) , and i guess its working by making a little buffer before it writes the data to the disc, and therefore can catch any unwanted code in a file, before its written to the disc(depend on the buffer you set(Edit:With Buffer i mean, you can choose how long time is allowed for scanning of data,default is 1 sec)), but it wont scan a whole webpage and all its files(Edit: it will scan the current webpage, but not links), only when you choose to get the file, it will analyze the fragments it will get, so if the virus was big enough i guess it could be transfered to the disc without any warning, though now im examinig how its working, im not sure if its worth the (little) slowdown of internet browsing, since if the file was downloaded, and i try to open it, kaspersky would scan the whole file anyway :-). But im not into all of the algorithme it uses for scanning, and even dont know if i would be more unsafe if kaspersky would first warn me when i try to open the file. But hey i feel pretty safe with all the blocking stuff hehe
  6. Well my Kaspersky internet security 2007 caught all attempt to download any of the test viruses, both in Ie and firefox, its the web antivirus module that will catch the virus, guess AVG dont have such a module, and im happy to see this working flawlessly :-) . The major reason i use KIS is because of its incredible speeds, if keeps a database over what it has scanned in the past, and dont make a full scan of files in the database that seem to be unchanged, making the scanning verry fast, think thats the only program that has that feature, and so far no viruses :-)
  7. Hi, After what i could read in ur log file, ur using 3 different internet security programs? (Avast,Zonealarm and Trend Micro) as i know this is never a good idea, since it damages performance severly, and usualy antivirus software dont like other antivirus software running at the same time, i suggest you try to only have one antivirus running at one time, also only 1 firewall program too, that meight just do the trix
  8. Yea i notisched that, but it diden't mentioned any trojans , or some more details about what was making the bad call
  9. Miracle

    HELP !

    Hi, Now you wrote you did a virus scan, do it have a spyware engine included? Else try run a spywarescan? Did you install any new software lately? (system restore aint a 100% fix), also try run CCleaner , maybe it will detect some abnormalities? it?s worth a try. else try to reinstall the network drivers (remove it from the device properties, and restart windows, make sure you have the drivers if it?s not plug'and'play), that have worked for me sometimes when network act up. Happy hunting
  10. Hello, First of all thx for the great program CCleaner, works like a charm, but now i got some disturbing news :-( i googled through some stuff, and one link was to this forums lo-fi version, google adwised not to enter, since it could contain Badware? see this http://www.stopbadware.org/reports/contain...dex.php/f2.html and i though naa not true, i deside to enter anyway, and bam my kaspersky antivirus popups with an alert, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB.bip (file is EDITED AWAY FOR SECURITY REASON I GUESS) this only happens on the lo-fi version of this forum? what is happening, im sure your not trying to kill my pc but?? Maybe you should fix this? Edit: Some additional info about the claimed trojan:
  11. Hi, I recently had a bad video card, symptoms on my x1900xt was that it would Freeze in windows, and ati would activate vpu recovery, now that could be all type of problems, like driver corruptions, bad software ect, so after many vpu recovery, my pc wouldent start up, and the speakers would make 1 long and 3 short beep codes, meaning the ram on my gfx was bad :-( . Now i have dealt with some bad gfx in my time, and some other error could also be display corruption(if under games, meight be heat problems).
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