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  1. Im no pc wizzard and have been looking at help relating to Error code 81000306 on MSN but really not sure what to do. Everything was working fine until AOL had an Install which kept popping up. After Inatalling it I was unable to log on internet after contacting AOL they talked me through it and t worked fine for a couple of days. Now my windows updates wont complete and I cant sign on to MSN Error code 81000306 most other web site load fine. I operating on Vista and have a netgear DG834G. I tried MSN on daughter laptop wireless and same error pops up. I have read some post which atate rol
  2. covlass

    Adobe 7.0

    I have recieved several files some over 200 pages long. I am unable to search the doc's for certain text as the files have benn sent as pictures is there any software I can download to convert the files to text. I have converted to text and opened in word but as they are pictures I am still unable to search for certain words. Is this possible or do i need to print them off and read the lot
  3. it worked great when i had xp but since u have changed to vista its a nightmare thanks agian for your help i'll sit here 'til i crack it !
  4. Click the Start ( ) icon. Click All Programs . Click Windows Fax and Scanning . Click New Scan . Click File and then click Scan . Sounds easy only there is no Windows fax & scanning option
  5. found it its 32 bit Thanks for your help you are a star
  6. Intel ® Pentium ® D CPU 3.000GHZ 3000MHZ 2 cores(s) 2 logical proces....
  7. Errrrrrrrrrrrr I have no idea i know its Vista premium thats about it
  8. I have a all in one hp 2115 which worked fine with XP but half of the functions have gone now I am one vista i cant scan and alter text documents nly pictures is there any software I can download Hp dont seem to have any its says my all in one working fine
  9. covlass

    HELP !

    Hi Thankyou for your help, I will try again but I am running on a different pc my sister cant get on the net so she had to print off the logs I will try again and see if I can copy the text again did try last night but had trouble trying to do so Thanks again
  10. covlass

    HELP !

    this is the last log i had to scan them into my PC after she had printed them out, wont let mr attache the last log
  11. covlass

    HELP !

    here are log files
  12. covlass

    HELP !

    Can someone help my sisters pc is playing up everytime she logs on the internet (talk talk) her home page shows but if she tried to view another it says "please wait whilst we redirect you" it says done but page is blank. This happens no matter which page she tries to view. She has ran her virus scan but nothing is showing up. She has done disc clean up and defrag. She then tried to reinstall to previouse date but is unable to do so as calendar is blank! Any ideas We are not PC experts but we need help as her daughter has to do her homework on line
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