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  1. ya know, i like this program!! tried it after the avg merge and found it to be just as good. i read up on it and it seems to have a good detection rate too. (to me, detection rate is EVERYTHING, thats why i use avira antivir, but thats another topic). another plus, let it start with windows, it's in your task bar, and auto updates. the on demand scanner is lightning quick. did i say auto update? wow! lots of options, even in the free version. easy on resources. almost too good to be true. so far i am pleased with it. there is a pre release version out right now. http://www.superantispyware.com/?rid=3011 if you're bummed out about losing avg anti spyware, this may make you happy again. edit: i said auto update...web site says no. sorry. really don't understand it, mine seems to update by itself.
  2. actually the hunter mode is a pretty cool feature. in your start menu, open hunter mode. it puts an icon on your desktop. now drag the cross hairs to a program icon (either from desktop, quick launch, or from the start menu). a context menu will appear with several options which include: uninstall, kill process, properties, search with google, stop auto starting and a few others. i'd show you a screenshot, but not really sure how to. (hint, hint). just give it a try, i think you'll find it useful.
  3. hi writeaway. i got the info below from avg website. i hope it helps. Most of today's viruses (Trojan horses, I-Worms, Worms, etc) create their own files which contain nothing but a body of the virus. In such cases the only way to remove the infection is to delete the infected file. When you moved the file to the AVG Virus Vault it was deleted from its original location, coded, and then saved in a non-executable file in a hidden folder. Your PC is no longer infected then. If you are not missing any data file and your applications are running, then you can delete these vaulted files from the AVG Virus Vault program. You can do it selectively from AVG Virus Vault program -> select files -> delete. Or you can delete all AVG Virus Vault contents in one go: * Double-click the AVG icon on your desktop -> choose the "History" menu and select the "Virus Vault" option -> click on the "Empty Vault" button.
  4. just found out the newest version of revo is out. http://www.revouninstaller.com/ one change that i really liked is "Added warning message when uninstalling of an application affects another one". i think this can save some headaches.
  5. i use firefox mainly because it's the safest imo. i also like the feel of it. it is quite customizable too. funny how times change, one time ago i would have never believed i'd use anything but netscape.
  6. thanks for the invite davey. i hope you can relax now knowing i am here and not there.
  7. no not that, after you update there comes a nag screen that you have to x out of. thats the one it gets rid of.
  8. hi, been following this thread and thought i'd share a way to disable antivir nag screen. what a difference it makes. i love the program, small footprint, auto update, and very reliable with the best detection rate...but that NAG screen was terrible. bob http://www.elitekiller.com/files/disable_antivir_nag.htm
  9. can anyone tell me of a free install monitor for vista? thanks in advance
  10. hey caldor...read your post about vista and tried to run CCleaner as admin...all programs showed up in the uninstall screen. thanks! didn't CCleaner used to require admin rights to run?
  11. hi, new here and like the program alot. everything seems to work ok except the uninstall screen only shows 11 programs that can be removed. other versions showed all. any one else notice this?
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