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  1. I tried to analyze my recently formatted exFAT flash drive and Defraggler crashed. I suspect that Defraggler doesn't support exFAT yet. I'm probably assuming this is either because exFAT is used by a small percentage of people, or because exFAT really doesn't require defragging due to bitmap caching. But then again who knows. Just throwing that out there
  2. This is the error that I encounter when I try to run it: Hence being beta, I hope it gets fixed. Btw, CCleaner and Recuva are great!
  3. My PC isn't equipped with a floppy drive but.........on the Disk Manager, I have my pendrives set to drive A: and B: I haven't tried my A: pendrive but my B: pendrive doesn't show up on the drive list. I restarted Recuva and it didn't work. I would appreciate it if B: drive support was added. And I guess A: drive if it isn't in there.
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