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  1. Same problem with all registry cleaners man . I have also used Registry Mechanic which same problem. doesnt detect all keys especially related to serial keys .
  2. by the way bak are backup files, why u want to delete them ? some softwares or files are created in .bak format so that the new file is replace by old and mayne needed later.
  3. contains flies viruslist.bmp from viruslist website and symantec_norton.jpg from symantec website - undeited images tell me now what the heck is dropper.pakes ? viruslist.bmp viruslist.bmp
  4. Quick heal shows Mirc.exe as tools.Win32 and deletes it. AVG has gone bonkers. Quick heal earlier was supposed to be office based AV. Like that maybe AVG considers it as threat but software may be safe.
  5. MY suggestion is visit AVG website, and find out the virus info and tell the details and see Nortons website, Mcafee website and verify if all websites share same info. and see the definition of dropper.* .
  6. Hey dudes chill.it maybe a accidental infection also.currently its a false claim. you know HP site was accidently ifected by virus once and their Drivers were infected with Virus. so chill . anything can happen because of someone elses fault.
  7. is it safe to delete temp files in TEMP folder that have been put there by some drivers of my hardware. i seen .ini files i think being cleaned of my Realtek Audio Drivers that are kept in TEMP folder
  8. I have been using CCleaner under Windows XP SP2 and had Installed Nero and Office 2003. Now that softwares Nero and Office 2003 have been uninstalled. I don?t know which version of Nero it was and I have reinstalled different version of MS office i.e. Office XP.now the problem is that even the software has been uninstalled this is shown as applications that are present in Cleaner->Cleaner Settings->Applications. Is it the problem of incorrect registry entries or problem of CCleaner? If it is the problem of registry entries what shall I do? Is it a bug ?
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