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  1. mw_8203

    Help me pls...

    Hello admin, Is Recuva 1.09 infected? VirusTotal___rcsetup109___Result.pdf Online_malware_scan__rcsetup109.exe_.pdf VirusTotal___rcsetup109___Result.pdf Online_malware_scan__rcsetup109.exe_.pdf
  2. Yes, i agree with u. I know you all (moderator & helpers) have kindly help us a lot about our pc problem when other orum sometime not, but it annoying to see. Can admin do something about it?
  3. yup, correct. i just show the false rumor. can't wait for latest chapter.
  4. Hello DennisD, Akira? Thats a long time ago! I not seen it yet but I will I think. The author of this Naruto, Kishimoto said one of his idol is Akira anime itself. And FYI Naruto also wins 2006 Quill Award for The Best Graphic Novel. I still can get the Akira anime today. There hv so many website to watch anime today like veoh.com, and also to download a manga chapter every week. Mostly free. After all, I prefer reading manga (or some ppl called it graphic novel), becoz i can put my imagination 2gether. Im addict to manga that hv conspiration, strategy thinker, u-can't-guess-what-will-happen-in-the next-chapter & ofcoz martial art fighting. And ofcoz, Im not into children type manga. I think manga will never stop produce. Almost everyday in Japan they hv new manga, and new manga-ka (writer/illustrator) born. The never ending process from manga to anime to live action (if suitable) will always continue. I've read manga since doraemon upgrade to dragonball series to naruto & others today. Im not sayin i know a lot. Thats a lot of fanatic & diehard fan out there and who is more younger than me. Im just enjoyin myself since I get to work now and more responsibility.
  5. Hello, First, sorry for my ignorance. Why latest Outpost Firewall Pro ver. 4.0.1025.7828 (700) installer been detected by KAV6 as trojan.generic when I try to upgrade it? I download the latest version from their Agnitum website so i'm sure is a real one. So I put under trusted zone in KAV6. I really appreciate if u can help/explain to me about this. Thanks in advance.
  6. Naruto Manga Chapter 367 finally reveal who are Naruto's parent after waiting for a long time! Visit iNaruto.Net for Latest Chapter! Spoilers and theories have been discussed in many Naruto's fan forum before but not all are true, e.g. Naruto's father @ Yondaime's name is Kazama Arashi, Pein is Naruto's father or Yondaime is Pein. Including one of the true theory which is Yondaime @ Forth Hokage is Naruto's father. Now most of it can be laid to rest. The story get more and more interesting and twisted every week! Info for beginner: Naruto is the one of the most popular manga in the world since 2002. This manga created by Masashi Kishimoto and have been adapted to Anime version
  7. mw_8203


    IconConverter The icon converter is a program to create an icon or cursor from all or part of an image. It can also save an icon as an image. The program can handle JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP. New Feature: Create Vista compatible (up to 256x256) icons using images with alpha (transparency) data. My Review: This freeware is spyware free and totally safe. After all, I got it from Softpedia so its guaranteed. Have few minor bug but entirely it easy to used. Visit IconConverter Website Download this software right now!
  8. mw_8203

    why do u put it?

    Alright thn. Thanks to everyone for replied. Sorry for my word for being too harsh but everyone hv right to complain, isn't it? Thanks again.
  9. My AVG Anti-spyware detected CCleaner version 1.39.502 have dropper.pakes! Man! Y u doing this! Before this i have total respect for this soft. but now... i don't know what that trojan/malware do in good or harmful way for any of us, but for me you betray us! FYI, i download this copy from filehippo.com. Pls reply. Cao Report_Scan_20070424_000058.txt Report_Scan_20070424_003747.txt dropperpakes.doc Report_Scan_20070424_000058.txt Report_Scan_20070424_003747.txt dropperpakes.doc
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