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  1. Hi! I know this subject has been dormant for a while, but I thought I'd share a bit of my own anecdotal evidence on the subject. I bought two Toshiba laptops about 18 months back to replace a couple of aged noisy XP boxes. One my son used for schoolwork and some lightweight browser gaming (we have separate Games machine plus the odd console...) and the other one sat alongside my work laptop and shares the mess of my study area along with monitor, keyboard and mouse via a KVM switch... About 6 months back, the laptop on my desk started getting really noisy when it tried to do anything vague
  2. We've upgraded to the next release (2.07.575) but we're still having the same problem - we're having to run IE as Administrator to print anything from IE... Is that the right 'next' release or is there another one coming? Thanks.
  3. umm... I'm pretty sure I haven't moved the Temp folder...
  4. We're setup as C:\Users\office\AppData\Local\Temp\Low as we've never moved/deleted the folder - with UAC, it wouldn't let me For some reason, I now seem to have a subordinate folder called the same... i.e. C:\Users\office\AppData\Local\Temp\Low\Low which is kind of odd... still doesn't print, though
  5. I'll provide what detail I can, but our situation is such that we've really only discovered the problem after the event that caused it. We have a couple of new Toshiba Equium laptops with Vista Premium installed and as part of the migration from our old XP pcs, I naturally installed CCleaner. I have one of the machines, my son the other for study. Since we deployed the laptops he has been printing out all sorts of stuff from all sorts of places, including IE7, until this last weekend when I went to use his machine (my wife had snaffled mine...) While I was using my son's machine I thought
  6. Well, I've only just got Vista and I've just got this bug... CCleaner doesn't remove the Low folder for me, so I suppose I ought to try that... Just running icacls didn't sort it... unlike a previous responder, I did mange to get a print when I ran IE as administrator my one helpful hint re the last comment above "so CCleaner doesn't remove the folder". Can't you exclude it from the Options section in CCleaner? I've just added the Low folder to the exclusions to see whether that would make it leave the folder alone... Still doesn't work though, but if I can get it working
  7. If it helps, I noticed a significant increase in time between 2.02.x and 2.03.x versions. The analysis has lengthened by about a factor of 4 or 5, and the clean up (using secure delete) around twice that. Not sure about going backwards in levels, still hoping for a 2.04 that sorts it...
  8. Andy, I've made a start on this but not produced any logs yet to put on the other forum section. I just wanted to report back on this bit. The reg delete worked and I moved the file to my desktop and rebooted, hey presto, no desktop as before. I used Taskmgr 'Run' to get command working and to shift the txt file back to system32 and I got my desktop back after another reboot. The interesting thing is that the registry is still clean, the debugger value hasn't been reinstated... Not sure what that means, will go play with the rest of the utilities (which will probably mean moving the s
  9. okey-dokey, will do, when I get a chance later today hopefully...
  10. that makes sense... now that's an impressive title - 'appointed malware expert'... coo, wish I had that on my c.v. actually, no I don't, this stuff makes my head hurt
  11. over my head - could be... this definitely isn't an area where I have a great deal of expertise, but I'll have a crack at this after I've had a go at Andy's suggestions... should keep me out of mischief for a while
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, but is there anything special about renaming hijackthis to family.exe? Way back in the discussion, you will see, there were a few attempts with renamed files that still got bounced - I can only assume that this malware can see some internal naming or descriptor. Thanks again.
  13. Andy, many thanks for all that and I'll work my way through this asap, although I'm afraid work will get in the way for most of the day... My one query at this point is whether this should go on the HijackThis forum rather than CCleaner, I'm not sure I see the advantage in that, the history is here. I admit my description 'CCleaner failing' isn't very descriptive, but that's all I knew at the time. This malware is certainly targeting specific applications, particularly CCleaner, as well as HijackThis and Comboscan at least, but ignoring others (don't like to write their names in case 'they
  14. yes , I agree with you, verclsid almost certainly isn't the problem. I had it completely removed yesterday evening and I still had the problem. Like yourself, I can't find any reference to wbjrwesa.txt anywhere. I suppose the wretched thing could have been generated on my machine by something else... another of those great unknowns at the moment... Thanks for the help.
  15. I did try that, but explorer won't run, presumably because of the registry key that includes the wbjrwesa.txt reference I am unable to read the wbjrwesa.txt (access denied!) - I wish I could, I'd love to know what sneaky little code is in there... Thanks for the suggestions.
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