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  1. I have indeed moved my Favourites directory. I recall having problems trying to create entries in it from within IE7 in the past, different error message, but still permission related. Possibly another problem relating to the Low directory?
  2. Thanks very much for this, works a treat. Will a version of CCleaner be available shortly that excludes this directory from its cleaning?
  3. Hi there, I've used CCleaner for a long time now, excellent program. However, I've since discovered what I believe to be a glitch when the program is run on Windows Vista. A while ago, I lost printing functionality in IE7, whenever I tried to print, I was faced with an error like this one: "Cannot find 'file:///C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Temp/Low/x.htm'. Make sure the path or address is correct." Upon browsing to the Temp dir mentioned, I found that nothing was there, presumably since CCleaner cleans it out whenever the system is booted. Upon trying another system with Vista on it, without CCleaner, I found the Low directory intact. When printing from IE7, the randomly-named .htm file momentarily appears while the print job is being queued. In an effort to reproduce the bug, I purposely deleted the Low directory from this Temp directory on the other machine. Afterwards, the same symptoms ensued on this other computer. IE7 printing was affected in the exact same way. Attempting to remedy the problem, I recreated the Low directory, set to inherit permissions from the parent. This made no difference, IE7 still could not print. It is, however, able to print when run as Administrator, instead of Protected Mode. This makes some sense, since the Low directory is mentioned in a few MS articles talking about their new Protected Mode facility. It would seem that IE, when running in Protected Mode, cannot write to the recreated Low directory. I have no idea why, since the permissions allows my user account complete control over the directory. It would also seem that this directory, even though it is located in a folder designated for temporary files, is a permanently required addition to the OS. In addition to reporting this possible bug, any advice on how to restore the IE7 printing facility in light of the above would be appreciated.
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