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  1. I have/had the same problem. On xp and previous sytems I simply kept the cookies I wanted in the right pane of CCleaner. I could run it, clear all cookies and internet rubbish but still be remembered at the sites I wanted. I have just downloaded 1.38.485 and that seems to work better. Secondly, when I look in internet options, view files, there is very little there now. On other systems I could see everything and pick bits out. The only way I can see them all now is to run analyze in CCleaner, it shows where they are as above but I cannot access the file myself. I can get partway there but then no option to locate to the exact location. Therefore cannot pickout any vids etc from Youtube for example. C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\XXXXXX@google[2].txt 131 bytes Looks like above (x substitutes other info) Also comes up with Low at the end on some as in the example above? Is there a way to get to where the cookes or internet rubbish is stored before it is deleted? Sorry, maybe this should have been posted in the Cookes thread.
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