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  1. No luck with 2.09 and 2.08 builds so far.
  2. yeah fair enough. i had some old files matching ccleaner and piriform in /Library and cleaned that up. It didn't bring any improvement unfortunately.
  3. Is there any old plist file/folder/etc we could try to delete/clean up?
  4. It also doesn't seem to solve the issue for me.
  5. I agree with Julius, I had the same issue on MacOS 13, and continues on 14. I requested my serial as well, and I got a mail referring: "You can see it below, along with a download link, if you need to reinstall the associated product you purchased." And there's no link in said mail. Which is interesting. Is the paid version a different download than the free one? or can a valid serial be entered in the free version to upgrade to Pro?
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