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  1. Thank you VERY much for your hard work Winapp2. I will do my best to look over it and suggest anything that I can. One random thought: Have you considered making this a project on GitHub or SourceForge or some other open-source project source host? This could bring a few benefits: - You would have version control. Users would be directed to download the latest copy by default. Assuming you'd be interested, you could also release test versions, which would include new entries that you can't test locally (lack of owning the software or whatnot) that you could ask to be tested before release. - Track updates easily. Particularly helpful if a new method of entries is used, such as wildcards or OS detection, that could then be noted as such and subsequently applied to other applicable entries. Also helpful to remember if/why an entry was removed or changed. - Users could very easily submit suggested changes/additions by simply editing the file and uploading the changes. The source control system would then allow you to easily see the suggestions, and modify the versions as needed with little difficulty. - Could consider, if you were so inclined, creating a simple Java program (or whatever language you're comfortable with) to assist in automatically updating the Winapp2.ini file for anyone that would like to do that. Just an idea. Thanks again for everything. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to help.
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