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  1. Can you select each option within Issues individually and let me know under which one it returns the error?
  2. Hi, the auto-update doesn't occur all the time, only every 10 days. Otherwise my server might die from the load. If you'd like to test it, the use the /DEBUG parameter. Although don't leave it enabled as it also enables message boxes throughout the application. MrG
  3. v1.19.105 - Added automatic update checking. - New redesigned Options section. - Issues are now selected by default. - Added Cancel button to Analyze feature. - Tools section now opens much faster. - Added setting to hide the backup issues prompt. - Fixed IE Cache cleaning on Non-English systems. - Fixed website links, so they work on all machines. - Fixed some window resizing errors. - Fixed bug in applications tree when switching languages. - Fixed applications section order with winapp2.ini. - Fixed bug in shutdown process. - Fixed bug when invalid cookie is found. - Fixed 'su
  4. I've located this issue and it'll be fixed in the next release.
  5. MrG

    Emule Cleaning

    As far as I can tell known2.met keeps track of every file you download, which is how eMule highlights them in the search results. If only known2.met is removed and not known.met, then does it still rehash every file?
  6. This error occurs if you have Firefox running at the same time you run CCleaner. As it still thinks some of the temporary files still exist. I'm looking into a work-around for it.
  7. Hi all, I'm working on the next release and need a few people to test a pre-release version. Requirements for testers are: - IT professional with previous testing experience. - Technical knowledge of IE, Firefox and Opera. - You'll need access to several different OSs. - Also I'm looking for very reliable types, so you won't post the test version all over the web! PM me with your experience and list of OSs if you're interested. Thanks G
  8. The latest version of the F-Prot Antivirus definitions seem to be falsely identifying the CCleaner setup as containing the trojan W32/Banco.GL. Please note that this is an incorrect detection and you can safely install CCleaner.
  9. If you right click on the issues you can select all.
  10. Hi everyone, In order to help diagnose problems, specifically if the program shuts down after pressing "Run Cleaner". Can you select each of the options on the tree individually and then report which one it closes down on. This will speed up the release of any fixes.
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