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Recuva Crashes after trying to process ?


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Ok lets see

System Info: MS Windows XP SP2

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.40GHz

512MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200



1 : Open Recuva...duh

2 : Change dive to Drive E: ( 279.39 GB On NTFS File System ) Computer Managment Says Healthy.

3 : Hit Scan ( No other options were set. )

4 : It scans. Gets 100%

5 : It says Processing... ......Then crashes.



Ok here's the deal..It works on other drives i have even one i have on a raid card...No the 300 GB is not on raid.

I have scanned the drive for error's ... and have used the drive for years. So i think the drive may be good.

The only comment i have is right befor it crashes.....It seems like it's gonna list the files..but then it crashes.

Have use it on other drive's to recover some files and it worked fine.


Ohh and bty it may be cause it finds to many files.....around 133,000 files then it goes to processing.....then crashes.

Ok so thats my bug :> Thanks for makeing this program so far it has worked for me . On my other comps and drives and i really like it So thanks again and keep up the good work :>

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