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CCleaner clears my Recently Used MS Excel files but not my Recently Used MS Word files. The Office 2003 box under Applications is checked (they all are).


Any other settings to check (or uncheck)?



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This will probably not answer your question according CCleaner-Procedures - but try to:


a. Go into Tools-Options in Word (X) and turn off the option to display the List - hitting OK.


b. Select the check box and specify the exact number of files you want displayed in the Entries box. Setting the number to 0 will remove the list entirely and won?t log any list. (Preferred).



Reference of MRU-Entries in MS-Office:



Responsible Reg-Key is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\XXX\Word\Data\Settings

This one stores binary data of the MRU. This binary has to be deleted or edited.


Manual Deletion of all MRU-Entries from the Registry:

Programms like Regseeker or MRU-Blaster.




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