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3 questions I really need answered

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Hi, I'm new here, and I just download CC Cleaner a few days ago. It is a great program, but I have a question about it...


1) Is it okay to delete whatever comes up in the Issues section? I have gotten a report that contains:

missing shortcut reference

missing mui reference

old start menu key

missin startup software

obsolete software key

uninstaller reference issue

installer reference issue

application paths issue

open with application is...

activex/com issue

invalid default icon

unused file extension

missin shared dll


I'm scared to delete any of those. :unsure: Also, I believe I might have the Ace.Bot Trojan. I keep getting a Windows Explorer error about it needing to close when I'm browsing through folders. Sometimes, I get a Dr. Watson error as well. When I click "Don't Send", when it asks if I want to send a report, everything disappears except my background. Then, everything comes back and everything is fine. I used to get the error about 3 times while I was on my computer, then I stopped getting the error for a while, and I just started getting them again. Today, I got another error after the Explorer error about Windows cutting it off or something. I have ran a Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Doctor, and Norton 06 scan, and got nothing. I also did it in safe mode and still got nothing. Second question....


2) Can I post a HijackThisLog here and can someone read it for me? I need to know what to do though, I haven't used it before.


Uhmm, I forgot my third question, but if I can remember it, I'll update this post. Thank you for your help guys. Sorry if it is confusing.

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