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Tatar?a l10n

al Beri

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Thanks for CCleaner!


Tatarish l10n file goes as an attachment. (remove .zip from filename)

tatarish DOT l10n AT gmail DOT com


BTW I think that l10n name should be included into VERSIONINFO resource instead of EXE:



1 VERSIONINFOFILEVERSION 2,1,0,3PRODUCTVERSION 2,1,0,3FILEFLAGSMASK 0x17FILEOS 0x4FILETYPE VFT_DLLFILESUBTYPE 0x0{BLOCK "StringFileInfo"{	BLOCK "040904b0"	{		VALUE "FileDescription", "CCleaner"		VALUE "FileVersion", "2, 1, 0, 3"		VALUE "InternalName", "CCleaner"		VALUE "OriginalFilename", "CCleaner.dll"		VALUE "ProductName", " CCleaner"		VALUE "ProductVersion", "2, 1, 0, 3"		VALUE "LanguageName", "Tatar?a"		VALUE "EnglishName", "Tatarish"	}}BLOCK "VarFileInfo"{	VALUE "Translation", 0x0409 1200}}




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