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Incredibly limited! Can't show file size column! Here's 10 things to improve.

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Recuva is fine for simply "recover everything found" but anyone limited for space will need to select what files to recover. For this Recuva is not the tool to use.  I don't understand why it is so very basic after so many years.  Free is great but when so limited there's no reason to even consider buying it.

1. Start with basic Windows Explorer view functions.  Have columns that can show all of the available data.  File size is key. 

2. Add a filter.  I don't want to recover 10,000 thumbnails but there's no way to exclude those.

3. Enable directory view with thumbnails.  Viewing thumbnails of the 41,000 viewed files is too cumbersome.  I should be able to navigate to a directory of interest and then grid view only that directory, or that directory plus subfolders.

4. How much am I recovering?! It doesn't tell me how much free space I need!  I don't know if there will be an error when not enough.

5. BUG: I had selected everything while filtered on "*.jpg". I removed the filter. The view showed "D:\" with a dark blue checkbox but upon clicking the "+" to expand, it showed that the new folders (that do not have jpgs) were not selected! 

6. There's no counter at the bottom to say how many files are selected (should show file count and total size)

7. Allow selection by recovery status!  Let me recover all of the green ones to a folder that I know is good and the yellows and reds to a folder that I must manually review.

8. The coolest thing would be identifying corrupted and non-corrupted files.  I see many red files that look fine.  So I assume that you make that determination on something other than analyzing the actual file contents.

9. Allow me to right-click copy the filename so that I can search whether I have another copy of that file or not.  Allow right-click open the file.  

Thank you for not having a GB limit on the free version!  My recollection was that there is a 1 GB limit but that would be a huge problem when I can't easily select the files to restore.  I mistakenly restored when filtered on jpg and have to repeat it with all files. Since the program is so limited and I have space, I recovered everything (4 GB) and I will use DuplicateCleaner and other tools to review what was recovered.

10. The next step for everyone is to review the recovered files, so advertise your product that does that.  I think that CCleaner can dedupe.




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