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Hi I'm writing this beacuse I have tried to find an answer but have found nothing that has helped. I know this kind of defeats the purpose of it but any help or knowledge is much appreciated. 

So I use the CCleaner Browser and when viewing history from the three dots you are able to access the "Restore Window" feature. I had a few tabs I've been using over a week now and when the browser closes I just go to that section to be able to access it. Though now I'm unable to have my old tabs pop up from my last session. I've tried to find a way to access them but all I get is new restore windows from before those tabs were closed. 

I'm wondering if there is a way to access old sessions like on other browsers or I've just lost all of it now. Thanks for any help! 

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I have a similar problem - I did a CCleaner scan, and it shut down the CCleaner browser to do so.  After the scan I restarted the browser and it offered to restore the previous tabs, but I wasn't thinking and clicked the button not to do so (Firefox always displays its "Do you want to update" in the same place and I didn't read it before clicking).

Is there now a way to get back the "lost" tabs from my previous session?


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