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With a premium subscription do not advertise unless... (details inside)

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The program should only show ads in these cases:

•  There is a sale and the subscription has less than 3 months left and the discount is worth more than the remaining time.

•  There is a new or discounted service plan with different features and the subscription has less than 3 months left.

•  The subscription is about to expire in 1 month or has already expired. (total of two warnings)

My reason is:

Your service is not essential, but convenient. Its convenience is lessened when i get annoyed by your ads.

You have sales every quarter and I get your ads even though I have a premium subscription.

A premium subscription should mean no ads. You are not a freemium game, you are a professional service.

I cannot even close your ads, only pin them. That is very rude since I have paid to use your service, not to see your ads.

If you need money, fire your CEO who thinks short term.

Edited by Simone Spinozzi
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