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CCleaner not seeing Brave browser cookies on Win 11 anymore

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I updated to the most recent version of ccleaner on windows 11, but it isn't seeing my cookies anymore using Brave when you open ccleaner and go to cookies. There is nothing there anymore.

It was working fine non-stop for 2 years on this computer, but now it just stopped working. Started happening after last ccleaner update

If I want to whitelist a cookie now, I have to open the site in edge to login, then whitelist, then go back to Brave.

This is only happening in Brave, Edge works fine.

Brave now you can't see any cookies. If I open the same sites in edge, they then show in ccleaner, even if I have been on that site 100000 times in a week, ccleaner won't see it.

I am NOT using private browsing of course.

Tried reinstalling but didn't fix it.

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  • ukheather changed the title to CCleaner not seeing Brave browser cookies on Win 11 anymore

Just to add a photo to show what I mean


These cookies are from edge, not brave.

I have been on 100s of sites the last few days, lots of new ones, all using brave and yet these are the only cookies it sees. The ones from Edge.

Used to be fine, but not working anymore.


Not sure if due to Win 11 update or a Brave update.



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  • 1 month later...

This is still happening in the latest version of CCleaner.

It doesn't see most Brave cookies, but does other browsers.


Reinstalled and same issue. Tried another computer, same issue.

Something changed in ccleaner that stopped it working with Brave.

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