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CCleaner "Display over" permissions issue

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Hi all, How are you?

I've been struggling with my purchased CCleaner for several days now, in that now my Xiaomi Poco M4 has
upgraded to MIUI 14.0.4 / Android 13 the permissions for the display over other apps does not work and is simply not available.

After the deep clean fails there's a link to a list of suggestions and in that list there's a button that is supposed to take you to the appropriate settings, but it
vanishes almost instantly.  After many attempts I have managed to screenshot most of the message (see attached) before it disappears;

Permission needed

Display pop-ups



Tap Display pop-up window....

while running in the backgr...

2) Select Always allow

I've browsed to the above location and CCleaner is not visible in the Display pop-ups list; every other app is though.  I've uninstalled & reinstalled
CCleaner several times, then installed it from the apk, just to check if there are any install differences, but there are no differences,
and nothing works to make "display over" etc work, to display CCleaner in the appropriate lists.  There are many websites telling you
how to manually make CCleaner "display pop-up" or "Display over" work (see attached), but the above described options are simply not available
for CCleaner (see attached).  CCleaner worked on MIUI 13, but I do recall having a very similar issue with that too, but I forget what fixed it,
i.e. me or an update.

Any ideas, suggestions or help would be very much appreciated. I am almost at the point where I might start
looking at other software, which is a shame because up until now CCleaner has been great!

Just to confirm: CCleaner IS INSTALLED on my phone when I made the attached screenshots.

Thanks for your time and help,


Platform: Android 13 / MIUI 14.0.4
Product: CCleaner Android

Screenshot_2023-08-13-04-03-50-446_com.android.settings 1.jpg

Screenshot_2023-08-13-04-04-39-606_com.miui.securitycenter 1.jpg

Screenshot_2023-08-10-18-17-25-971_com.piriform.ccleaner 1.jpg

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