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CCLEANER not starting on MAC Ventura 13.4, not even after ccleanerfix.app

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Hi there
Iam using a MacBook 2022 13", Ventura 13.4, uptodate OS
Ccleaner used to work fine, but suddenly stopped launching, which means that u double click the app icon, from location, or from launch pad or simply when u spotlight search it, but u find nothing happening
I have tried many times to uninstall, download the most recent version from the site, and re-install it cleanly, but this doesn't work
I have sent an email to the support team particularly after I have googled and found that this is a repetitive complaint
they advised to force security off and run the ccleanerfix.app, which I hated but finally did
however, nothing have changed
same same, u click and nothing happen

the ccleaner support member asked me to ==>

  • Open CCleaner for Mac
  • Select 'Help' in the MacOS Menu Bar at the top of the screen
  • Select 'Send Feedback' (Alternatively press Shift + CMD⌘ + F)
  • Fill in the form (please ensure you input the proper name & email address)

Click 'Send'

But, how I can explain more clearly that it is not opening in the first place
any one had the same problem and was able to solve, or we shall migrate 

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CCleaner will not open on macOS Monterey Version 12.6.7.  I have uninstalled the older version and downloaded the current version for Mac but am not able to open the application.  CCleaner has full disk access in Security and Privacy.  CCleaner stopped working on my Mac after I downloaded TrendMicro.  I have since uninstalled Trend Micro and switched antivirus to Norton but I am still not able to use the program.  Any help would be appreciated!


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